Consistency Works

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61 days ago, I started a program. The 75 hard program. It’s been incredible.

Putting the mental and physical transformation I’ve experienced from the program aside, it’s taught me a lesson that I have always theorised to be true, but never actually ever tested.

That is; small consistent actions over a period time end up with incredible and outsized results.

Sounds obvious, and I’ve seen hundreds of X threads giving the same or similar advice. But I’ve never been consistent enough with any one thing, for long enough, to see it play out in my own life.

Until 75 hard.

After around 30 days of the consistent action, checking off each step, every day, I started to see the results. And they are pretty remarkable (I’ll share more when I finish the program). And they compound. By simply following the plan, putting in the reps, I get better each day.

A big frustration that constantly grinds at me is that I’m so uniquely positioned right now, to use all the skills I’ve built across a very wide spectrum and build something that does really well.

I haven’t been able to pull off a large enough win yet in business that it became something that could sustain me long term. I have all the skills for it. Skills that are currently being wasted.

For instance, I know how to write software. I know how to do SEO and have proven with my wife’s business and other projects that I can rank websites. I know online and email marketing. I know how to build a website to sell and license software. I know affiliate marketing and I’ve proven that I can produce YouTube videos that drive traffic. I’ve successfully hired contractors for previous projects and know the ins and outs of it.

I have all the skills to build and sell software and digital things online. To be successful. But I’ve never consistently put them to work! I’m a golf ball that has been tee’d up, but has never been hit.

So what if I use what I’ve learnt in 75 hard and apply it to business building or side hustles. To apply consistency to building things, marketing them and seeing what sticks.

Broken down further, what if I:

  • Place small bets
  • Consistency build and market the bet in a given time frame (say 1 month per bet)
  • See what works and double down on wins

I like the sound of that. But there is one missing piece. Accountability.

I have to keep myself accountable to the process. 75 hard has an app to help keep yourself accountable. I need something to keep me on track with this too.

The solution for keeping myself accountable became obvious to me when setting goals for this year. One of the goals I set is to write and blog more often. It makes sense then to build in public. Use public accountability to set goals and share the progress and results.

So that’s what I’m going to be doing. I’ve created a hub on this site where I will curate all my building in public content. Long term I’ll look to add neat graphs and stats to this page. For now, plain and simple will have to do.

Next up in my “BIP” adventure, a commitment to my first project for the year. A WooCommerce plugin. More on this shortly.

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