Building In Public

I’m a builder/maker/entrepreneur/developer at heart. For over 20 years, I’ve created countless different side hustles and some even became my full time work for short periods of time. And even though I’ve had moderate success, nothing really took off enough to become a long term sustainable source of income. And that doesn’t feel like a success to me. So in 2024, I’m intentionally going out to change that.

Accountability has always been an issue for me and that why I’ve decided to document my journey fully, on this page. I’m putting myself out there with complete transparency on income and goals/progress.

I currently have full time work that supports my family and I, so everything I do currently is part time. Initially the plan is to place a few “bets”. Build MVP’s quickly and see if anything sticks. My first few projects will be WordPress plugins because I’m uniquely positioned to quickly build really good plugins. Later, I have plans for more fun things, like a safari photography guide, a 4×4 eco trail tour around Southern Africa and a wildlife documentary/short film.

So follow along as I pursue my passions, make mistakes, learn new skills and ultimately, hopefully, build something that becomes a full time income.

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