Matt Geri –
A curious mix of story telling, web development and the African bush.

I have a wide range of creative interests that I enjoy exploring. From writing, the outdoors and photography, to web/software development and trying to build a tiny office pod in my back yard.

My Work


A place where I flex my web and software development muscles. I work at XWP as a WordPress architect with a touch of product management thrown in, on mostly large/enterprise web based projects. Projects I have worked on, and in some cases lead development on, include brands such as,, Automattic, Heavy, Nova and most recently, Australian Geographic.

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Bushstory Logo


A brand that I’m building to share the magic and wonder of the African bush. I tell stories, showcase some of my photography and hopefully one day, I’ll get to produce a few short films. Oh, and I’m also in the process of purchasing some land, south of the Kruger Park, to build a small bush cabin/lodge on.

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WordPress Logo

WP Geeks

I’ve been doing web development since my very early teenage years. The web is one of the most powerful mediums to use to tell stories and WordPress is the best platform for enabling story telling, bar none. I’m an avid supporter of it and the open web and have been working with it since 2005. WP Geeks is where I share information on how to create with WordPress. I also run the WP Discussion Board plugin.

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Lost Overlanding Logo

Lost Overlanding

Many years ago I had a dream of doing an extended overland trip through all of the different Southern African countries that border South Africa. I bought a Land Rover Defender 90 to fulfil that dream but life got in the way and I sold it just before I got married in 2011. I’m now rekindling that dream and documenting the journey at Lost Overlanding.

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Point Shoot Edit

Wildlife photography has become a real passion of mine in recent years. Since getting in to it, I’ve grown a lot and I’m starting to get in to videography too. My dream is to produce a short film/documentary one day. Photo Shoot Edit is a place where I share about my journey in photography and videography. It’s unashamedly focused on Sony Alpha gear.

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Other fun projects

Garden Office Pod

In my head, I’m a very handy person who can build incredible structures out of nothing. In practice, well, I don’t know, yet. I’ve had a fascination with building/construction for a long time. I had planned on building a tiny house/cabin but decided to rather start “small” and build a 3m x 2.4m garden office pod. We’ll see how it goes.

Outside of the above, I love to spend time with my kids and my wife Megg who runs a dance studio here in Cape Town.