It’s hard for me to characterize the past year, in fact the past 3 years since it’s been that long since I did one of these updates. The start of 2016 started exceptionally well for me and up until speaking at WCEU 2016, things were really, really good.

Without getting into too much detail, that’s a story for another blog post, things culminated in a really difficult end of 2018. It was a tough year for me but there were a few highs worth noting. We’ll start with some of the lows though and end on a more positive note.

What didn’t go well in 2018

I didn’t blog or produce any video content. I went from an extreme content high in early 2016 to not doing anything since mid-2016. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal to many, producing content deeply satisfies me and fulfills what I believe to be a big part of my answer to the question that I continually seek to answer, “what I am here for?”.

Next, I took on side-projects and hustles that were not aligned to what I believe to be my true purpose in life. I need to constantly remind myself that I should not take on projects just to make a buck. I’ve learned that to be truly satisfied in my work, I have to be making a difference in peoples lives. These side-projects and hustles just added to the stress that I was already under.

Professionally, I don’t feel like I’ve grown much at all. I didn’t take opportunities that were up for grabs and I didn’t apply myself in areas that I wanted to grow in. I coasted along and while I worked hard, I didn’t work in the right areas.

And all the above led to an extreme bout of burnout towards the end of this year. After an extremely hectic project, I crashed. I’ve experienced burnt out before (see my 2015 update) and this time was just as difficult.

What went right in 2018

The highlight of my year professionally was leading the backend development of the rebuild. There were some extremely challenging pieces to this rebuild and migration, but it all came through superbly in the end.

On a personal level, Megg and I bought a new house in Cape Town. Since moving to Cape Town in 2016, we had been renting until we found the right place to buy. In February, we signed an offer to purchase and we’re now living happily in our new home. Megg is also pregnant with our 3rd child! We’re expecting a baby girl in March. I’m still not convinced that Cape Town is our final destination, but it’s home for now.

Most importantly for my own wellbeing, I feel mostly recovered from the burnout. I’m so excited to start writing more in 2019 and producing YouTube tutorial videos again. I’m focused on aligning my work to what I call my True North or life calling and I’m ready to make 2019 my best year yet.

Some stats (for fun)

A year end review post is not complete without stats! Here’s some key metrics I like to measure – values in brackets are last years figures.

Blog stats

YouTube stats

  • Videos released – 0 (0)
  • Total views – 82100 (96600)
  • Minutes watched – 183900 (237700)

Subscriber stats

  • YouTube subscribers – 1580 (1284)
  • Email subscribers – 456 (417)
  • Twitter followers – 945 (?)
  • Facebook page likes – 224 (224)


  • Countries visited 2 (USA, Spain)

Moving forward in 2019

Overall, I suppose the past year (or years) can be characterized as a rollercoaster. I’m sure 2019 will bring it’s own set of challenges, but my hope is that by being true to what I believe to be my current purpose in life, I’ll do more meaningful work and be happier for it. Let the fun begin…

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