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Complete WordPress Development Articles Archive

Add Custom Post Types to Zoninator

Zoninator is an simple plugin for being able to curate content on a WordPress website. While I personally feel that more can be done in WordPress when it comes to curation of content, Zoninator ticks most boxes of a simple to use and easy to implement curation solution. By default, Zoninator only lets you select // continue reading →

Display an Instagram feed on your WordPress website

Need to display an Instagram feed on your WordPress blog/site? Eaaassssyyy! In this short little snippet, I’m going to show you how. I’ve done two different implementations of Instagram feeds on WordPress sites recently. The first one, was the display of a single users feed in the footer of a website. The second solution aggregated // continue reading →

WordPress Developers

Should WordPress developers be taken more seriously?

WordPress developers have a bad reputation in many other development communities. But is this deserved? It really comes down to one simple question and in this article I make the argument against the bad reputation received.

Stressful Development Projects

Dealing with stressful development projects

Most developers have felt stressed and overwhelmed while working on a project. The easiest way to overcome that stress is to start accepting that things hardly ever go to plan.

Unit Test WordPress Plugins

Why you should unit test WordPress plugins

Writing unit tests can take time and be painful. However, the short and long term benefits of having a well tested WordPress plugin codebase outweighs the cost of writing the tests. In this article I explain how.

Automate WordPress Development Workflow

Automate your WordPress development workflow

Automate everything! As a WordPress developer you should automate as many different things as you can in your development environment. Here’s what to and also how to automate your WordPress development workflow.

WordPress Development Mastery

The pursuit of WordPress development mastery

Narrowing down your development focus is a hard thing to do, and scary too! In this article I talk about my journey to WordPress development mastery and why I decided to focus in on it.

WordPress Coding Standards

Applying WordPress Coding Standards

Implementing WordPress coding standards in to your WordPress projects is vitally important for a number of reasons. In this article we look into why should should implement coding standards and how to implement them too.

WordPress Plugins as Features

WordPress plugins as features

Creating WordPress websites can be complicated in the sense that you don’t know which code should go in to a theme and which into a plugin. In this article I give you an approach that has worked well for me on large projects.

PHPStorm for WordPress development

PHPStorm for WordPress development

Have you considered PHPStorm for WordPress development? There are tons of features which make it the best WordPress development IDE. I’ll let you know what those are and show you exactly how to use PHPStorm for your own theme, plugin and website development projects.

WordPress Rest API

Who is the WordPress REST API really serving?

The WordPress REST API is one of the most exciting developments for WordPress in recent times. It completely opens up for platform and the possibilities are endless, but who does it really serve the most?

WordPress Entrepreneur's Conundrum

A WordPress entrepreneur’s conundrum

The WordPress space is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs and there are many people taking full advantage. As someone who is entrepreneurial in spirit, at times I’ve struggled to come to terms with an alternative path to WordPress entrepreneurship.

Open Source WordPress Plugins

Supporting open source WordPress plugins

Supporting open source WordPress plugins is really hard work! It takes a lot of effort and time for little to no financial reward. I’ve supported a number of different open source plugins in my career so far and here are the tips I’ve learned along the way.

2015 year in review

2015 year in review

2015 was definitely a year of ups and downs for me. It worked out well in the end and this article recaps the year and areas where I particularly struggled and also where I was more successful.

Remote Developer

Things I’ve learned being a remote developer

I’ve spent most of my time developing as a remote worker, except for a 3 year stint in an office. I much prefer working remotely, but it has challenges. Here are my tips for being a good remote developer.